Food Intake Guidelines

Food Pyramid

Please Note: In addition to following the food intake guidelines outlined above, it would be wise to also:

  1. Consume at least two (2) to three (3) liters of water per day, preferably more. Larger individuals and those who exercise regularly and/or who work in warm environments should consume high volumes of water. Aim for one gallon of water daily.
  2. Maintain a physically active lifestyle—get up and get moving doing the things that you truly enjoy.
  3. Perform regular, structured exercise 3-5 days per week. This includes both cardiovascular exercise (e.g., walking, jogging, cycling, aerobics class) for 20-60 minutes and resistance exercise (e.g., weight lifting) for 20-30 minutes each session.
  4. Consider the use of plant-based protein powders for inclusion in meal replacement shakes.
  5. If adopting a “modified” Daniel Fast approach, consider adding small amounts of lean meat and low-fat dairy products to your overall dietary plan; you can also include animal-based protein powders such as whey and casein.
  6. If using the Daniel Fast as a true spiritual fast, remember to devote yourself completely to the Lord during your time of fasting and prayer.